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The global transition towards renewables is underway, driven largely by support from governments, improving economics and significant advancements in renewable energy technology – the very means with which we sustainably harness the earth’s natural resources to power consumers.

Solar Energy

There are currently two main kinds of solar technology: solar thermal, which concentrates and converts the sun’s rays into heat by using a series of reflective collectors, as well as solar photovoltaic, which converts sunlight directly into electricity by using a panel of interconnected cells joined together to form a circuit – often made with monocrystalline cells, polycrystalline cells or thin film.

Our team brings together highly qualified industry professionals with vast experience helping to create innovative and sustainable energy infrastructure investments. Working closely with some of the world’s leading energy, infrastructure and resource companies, they have structured tens of billions of dollars in mergers & acquisitions, investments and capital market transactions in the global energy, resources, infrastructure, transport and commodities sectors.

Without sufficient access to energy, the health and quality of life of children are severely impacted by low energy consumption, the use of dirty fuels and the excessive time spent collecting these fuels to help their families. 

Our goal is to provide homes right across the country with renewable energy solutions and high quality solar energy systems. We are proud of the work we do, working towards a cleaner future for our beautiful country, while saving our valued customers money on every bill. With a quality system and workmanship guarantee, our customers are happier and more power efficient with Apex Solar.

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